Paid Search

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• Reach users on websites and mobile apps on the Google Display network with a mix of targeting, including in-market audiences, contextual signals, segmented remarketing, custom lifestyle audiences and more.
• Includes:
» Static and HTML5 display banners
» Inventory-based dynamic remarketing and display
» Gmail Ads targeted to the Promotions tab of a user’s inbox


• Our team builds your paid social strategy around the customer’s buying cycle from researching, shopping, to purchase. Drive customers from awareness, to consideration, and to lead generation by leveraging a mix of targets and ad formats designed for each portion of their journey.
• Ad formats include:
» Inventory-based dynamic remarketing
» Lead ads linked directly to your CRM by Two24
» Canvas ads: immerse your customers in a full-screen mobile experience
» Collection ads: display inventory alongside high-quality branded creative
» Branded single image & carousel


• Reach and engage your audience on the highest-quality content on YouTube and across the web with advanced audience, contextual, and customer targeting.
• Ad formats include:
» In-stream skippable preroll ads
» Video discovery ads
» 6-second bumper ads
• Maximizes the impact of your ad budget by creating customized, highly-targeted text ads and keyword lists based on real-time data and conditional logic.
• Your ad campaigns instantly adapt to changes in your inventory data, ensuring that they are always optimized.
• Text ads dynamically pull in specific details about your products and services.
• Bases keyword bids on search intent, targeting shoppers who are most likely ready to buy, and also bids conditionally on what matter most to you.


Choose up to three platforms:
Additional platforms $250 each
• Google Paid Search
• Google Display Network
• YouTube
• Microsoft Ad Center
• Facebook Paid Advertising
• Twitter Paid Advertising
• Programmatic
• Local WAZE advertising

20% Management Fee with a base fee of $250