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Social Media Management

Are you ACTIVELY managing your social media platforms and ENGAGING with your customers in a meaningful way?


Despite the common misconceptions, you don’t need to be EVERYWHERE, but you do need to be EVERYWHERE your target customers are and all social media is not created equal. We’ll work with you to determine the social media platforms that are most relevant to your business and your customer base.

We offer two options for each social media platform you’d like help with, Guided and Managed.


With our guided option, we’ll offer consultation on best practices and provide unique custom content for you to post and share with your customers. Our Guided plan costs start at $99/month per platform. Discounts offered with multiple platform subscriptions.


Our managed services are completely managed by our inside team. This is a very hands on approach with weekly custom content, constant engagement with your customers, strategic planning for your events and sale seasons. This is an all hands on deck offering with costs starting at $399/month per platform.Discounts offered with multiple platform subscriptions.

Social Media