Promoting Locally Owned & Operated Small Businesses In & Around Wilmington, NC

Two24 Digital Marketing owns and operates local blog The Wilmington Guide. The local blog serves to introduce the community to the owners and operators of small businesses throughout the Cape Fear region.

We open the doors to locally owned and operated businesses to promote their services and products to the community through ‘Owner Introductions’, ‘Business Closer Looks’, and full ‘Featured Business’ profiles.

Our introductions, closer looks, and featured profiles are all written in conjunction with the business and are search engine optimized to help your feature appear on Google page 1 organic listings and to drive visitors to your website and to your business.

Owner & Business Profile

Let customers and potential customers get to know you by telling them a little bit about yourself and your business. We provide interview type questions and we help craft responses that are SEO optimized to drive traffic and get customers to engage with you.

  • Approx. 500 Words
  • 5 Pictures
  • 2 Calls-To-Action
  • 10 Target Keywords
  • 30 Days Homepage Placement

Owner & Business Spotlight

How well do you communicate what your business does, what makes it unique, and why customers should choose you. Do your potential customers know your unique selling proposition? We provide in depth questions and responses that demonstrate your advantages over the competition.

  • Approx. 1000 Words
  • 7 Pictures
  • 3 Calls-To-Action
  • 15 Target Keywords
  • 60 Days Homepage Placement

In Depth Owner, Business, Services Full Feature

Take the Homepage Hero Slide position on our website for the month. The most prominent position on the site that everyone will see. We’ll cover you, we’ll cover your business, and we’ll have calls to action to drive customers to engage with you directly. You’ll remain on our ‘Featured Businesses’ page for 1 year.

  • Approx. 1500 Words
  • 10 Pictures
  • 5 Calls-To-Action
  • 25 Target Keywords
  • 30 Days Homepage Hero Banner Placement +90 Days Homepage

We’re Currently Looking for New Businesses to Feature

Want to learn more? Want to be featured? Get in touch with us today!

Having someone here in the community who’s working to promote small business and is a part of this community, is really important for us. We really appreciated the opportunity to tell our story and help drive more traffic to our website and to our store.”

TJ Lysiak – Owner Coastal Reef Aquariums